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Buses and cars and HGVs, narrow pavements, residents and tourists in Woodstock

Village Travel Plans for Woodstock are extensive and are covered comprehensively on the Sustainable Woodstock website at:- https://www.sustainablewoodstock.co.uk/Cycle%20Safe%20Routes.html

See also the latest proposals by Sustainable Woodstock submitted to the Woodstock Traffic Advisory Committee in April 2021 for safer walking and cycling on the A44 through Woodstock.  Read more ......

Particular issues of connectivity for Woodstock are:-

Road safety issues concern the volume speed and weight of traffic on the A44.  We seek a 20 mph speed limit on the A44 from Blenheim's Hensington Gate to the signal controlled pedestrian crossing in Old Woodstock.  Woodstock already has a 20 mph speed limit in the vicinity of the Primary and Secondary schools in Shipton Road but we seek this to be extended throughout the built up area of Woodstock

We also seek a replacement for the sub-standard pedestrian guardrail on the A44 by the Black Prince pub on the Causeway.