Oxfordshire's VTN is
Bladon Combe Hanborough Glympton Stonesfield Woodstock Wootton and Blenheim


safe routes genericWelcome to Oxfordshire's Village Travel Network.

Bringing villages together to enable sustainable travel, connectivity and networking that enhances community safety, wellbeing, social opportunities and longer term environmental and low carbon benefits

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The Village Travel Network is looking for one or more "quick win" demonstration projects to kick start our campaign for better and safer active travel connectivity between and within our communities. 
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  1. To deliver environmental, low carbon, safety, health and social benefits that demonstrate best practice across the village network and protect nature and habitats.

  2. 20 mph speed limits in all residential and shopping areas where pedestrians and cyclists mix. Routes to Hanborough Station to be prioritised  

  3. Key inter-village routes to be declared with priority given to pedestrians and cyclists

  4.  Key east west connections to be facilitated with new restricted and conditional routes through Blenheim Park.

  5. Where inter-village routes cannot easily be prioritised for cyclists and pedestrians, off-road routes to be investigated for upgrading for cycles, with minimal disturbance to the rural landscape or to the peaceful enjoyment of walkers.

  6. Good links to public transport