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Lots of good ideas from the Combe community

New walking routes in Blenheim, cycle routes between Combe and Stonesfield, the upgrade of the bridleway from Swan Hill bridge over the Evenlode up to Park Lane as a quick and convenient route to Hanborough Railway Station, and many more.  Some will be tricky, others will be quick wins.  Check them out here



Combe - An Overview

Combe has a range of transport links, including a weekday train service from Combe Halt (one train in each direction) and (except on Sundays) a bus service to Oxford and, in the other direction, to Charlbury. Many footpaths connect the village to the nearby villages of Long Hanborough, Stonesfield, North Leigh and to Woodstock. There is easy access to Blenheim Park (through Combe Gate to the east of the village) and to the Roman villa at North Leigh and the River Evenlode. In addition there are a number of bridleways.

Transport priorities

Speeding and traffic volume

From September 2022 Combe has had a 20-mile per hour speed limit in the village to reduce speeding and to improve safety. The village has seen increasing volumes – and speed – of traffic in recent years, especially as local A-roads (the A4095, A40 and A44) become more clogged and drivers seek cut-throughs to avoid traffic jams. Speed indicator devices were installed at two entry points to the village (Akeman Street and Stonesfield Road) in November 2020 and the Parish Council monitors the traffic data from the devices monthly (see https://combepc.org/).


Combe wants to encourage reduced car usage both for environmental and health benefits. Safer off-road cycle routes, particularly to Hanborough Station, are needed and would be beneficial in helping car users in other local villages to switch to their bikes.

Many residents of Combe cycle, both for pleasure and to commute to work, especially to our local train stations at Combe Halt and Hanborough. There are no dedicated cycle paths and the sides of the roads are poorly maintained, often with potholes or crumbling surfaces. Many roads, such as Swan Hill, are steep and narrow with cars speeding in both directions. Once cyclists reach Long Hanborough the cycle path to Hanborough Station is also narrow and not well maintained; it is not easily – or safely – shared with pedestrians.

During the pandemic local schoolchildren participated in the successful pilot cycling scheme that allowed access to safer school routes via Blenheim.


Combe has particular concerns about the absence of a safe path to Combe Halt and the need for existing pavements and paths to be better maintained. Combe’s recent survey of residents as part of the input to the Combe Village Design Statement highlighted a need for more designated pavements and footpaths in the village.