Oxfordshire's VTN is
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Are you familiar with the acronym LCWIP?

It stands for Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.  A bit of a mouthful but  simple enough concept.  The idea is to study an area, big orsmall, urban or rural, to analyse the existing travel patterns and to develop a long term plan that encourages more active travel by bike, on foot or using active travel and public transport, and then to design the capital infrastructure necessary to deliver on that plan.

LCWIPs have been up and running now for half a dozen years but, so far, they have mainly been developed for towns and cities.  In Oxfordshire the City LCWIP was drawn up and approved a couple of years ago and is now being followed by similar plans for Witney, Bicester and Didcot.  The smaller towns and villages seem to be in danger of getting left behind and the VTN hopes that by combining our resources and our voice we can make a difference.  Our friends at Chipping Norton have conducted their own survey and so are well on the way to drawing up an independent KCWIP for the town.  Kevin Hickman has already done similar work in Witney which is being taken up by OCC and WODC

The VTN needs to do the same.  We may be smaller than these towns but we are an important transport hub with Hanborough railway station, and within relatively easy cycling distance of Oxford.  But there are missing links that make cycling of walking difficult or indirect and these are the issues that the VTN will be addressing over the next months.

Marlborough School Kids Bike to School through Blenheim

Marlboroughh school children cycling to school through Blenheim Park following a ground breaking agreement between Stonesfild Parish Councillor Mick Heduan and Blenheim Estates Director Roy Cox - both members of the VTN

At a recent meeting of the Village Travel Network and Blenheim Estates a more collaborative approach was agreed in order to create better connectivity across the seven villages.